About Us

Stuff About Cars is an independent website about car accessories that have been launched by car enthusiast Richard Dematteo. Stuff About Cars is dedicated to helping the audience find the best quality small car items from trusted brands. We talk about custom and branded products that provide comfort, protection, style, safety, and enhanced performance for all cars, SUVs, and vans. 

Our philosophy is to strive to provide the audience what they are looking for. We utilize our energies to do what is in your best interest. Our key goal is to present you with the best products that you are looking for. We bring the top quality products after searching through the vast world of the internet, which narrows down the research for you. Our passion for only the best has driven us into the future. We understand that every product counts; hence we strive to make the whole shopping-for-your-car experience as easy, beneficial, and fun as it can be.

We do our best to inspire and help you discover the most useful accessories that can be used in cars to make traveling easier and more fun. Here, you will find everything about cars, from stain removers to the best speakers and car photography cameras you can find from around the world.

Stuff About Cars is one of the best resources for those looking to buy, maintain, modify, and drive their cars. It is about everything you need to know about car culture and automobile ownership. Stuff About Cars stocks painless automotive guidelines for casual and enthusiast car owners. We provide you clear how-to instructions for all skill levels and budgets. We work for empowering the consumer with information and confidence for that huge metallic lump you drive to work or school.

We compile research and reviews from every corner of the internet to find out which product is worth buying for your car. Our team of car-crazy people puts together shopping guides to help you understand and assess the worth and value of the items on your own. Some of the products listed in the articles here have been gone through the process of in-house testing and used in the field by our experts on car accessories. For other products, Stuff About Cars consults consumers of a particular item from around the world to find out about their experience while using that item. If they faced any issue with it, whether it helped them do the job, is there anything to keep in mind while using it, etc. This feedback from the customers helps us understand the product that we haven’t tested personally. We find out if the product is durable enough to last to the worth of its price in the hands of the end-users. 

We also bring into consideration the historical performance of a particular brand or product to get a context for figuring out what to look for in the latest version of that product by a specific brand. We also look at the popularity of the products, which are a major indicator of whether that item is worth further scrutiny or investigation or not. 

It is practically impossible to get our hands on every item in the market. However, the experience of years in research, journalism, and product testing enables us to make the best picks.

We do not take incentives from the brands and companies to sell the products we are not really excited about. However, the articles on this website do include affiliate links that take you to the online stores that provide that particular product, and we do get affiliate revenue from that.